About us

From painting to construction
For our residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Our Services Include:

                  Painting*                                                             Caulking
                  Handyman services                                       Remodeling  
                  Carpentry                                                              Drywall
                  Basement finishing                                         Woodwork
                  Ceramic tiles                                                          Siding 
                  Stripping wallpapers                                                Deck
                  High pressure power washing                              Stucco

                  Landscaping walls                                            Retaining
                  Dryvid & Stucco Repairs                               ... and more

   *Paint Preparation Services Include:

        Provides Paint and Materials

Washes Full Area Prior to Painting

Scrapes and Sands Peeling Areas

Primes All Bare Wood and Bare Metal Surfaces

Caulks Cracks and Seams

Covers Fixtures and Hardware

Applies Primer Coats When Needed

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